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- News Flash! HRSPI Acquired. -

HR Solutions Partners, Inc. (HRSPI) is pleased to announce that HRSPI has recently been acquired by experienced Silicon Valley professionals.

The new owners recognize the value of the business and will maintain the existing HRSPI brand and service offerings. I have committed to serving as a member of the Advisory Board to assist in the transition and provide guidance and advice in 2021.

I am confident the new leadership will be able to bring not only the best and brightest HR talent to their clients but also to support their service offerings with state-of-the-art technology.

You can look forward to more details in the New Year!

Donna DeGrande, CEO
HR Solutions Partners, Inc.

Other Online Resources

HR Solutions Partners is happy to provide you with this valuable list of online resources both directly and indirectly related to Human Resources.

We have broken the various resources into categories for easier scanning:

HR Organizations & Associations

The American Council on International Personnel

An organization of over 250 corporate and institutional members with an interest in the movement of International personnel across national borders. This site has information on how to contact the ACIP.

American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration

On the ASHHRA site you will find full details about what the organization does, who belongs, and the benefits of becoming a member, plus you can post and read messages on the bulletin-board format "Discussion List." Also included is information on some of the products offered through or in cooperation with ASHRA, such as the 1997 Hay Hospital Compensation Survey.

The College and University Personnel Association

An international network of more than 6,000 human resource administrators representing over 1,800 colleges and universities as well as others interested in the advancement of the human resource profession. Here you can see the CUPA catalog and list of board of directors.

The International Association for Human Resource Information Management

Look here for events, special interest groups, links to individual chapters and other resources.

International Personnel Management Association

Anyone who works in HR in government, whether it's in the federal, state, or local sector, should visit the IPMA site. You'll find information about joining the IPMA, plus news about hot HR issues, government affairs alerts, and international HR news.

The IPMA Assessment Council

IPMAAC is an organization of personnel assessment professionals with more than 600 members actively engaged in applications, research, and training in personnel assessment to meet the needs of public and private organizations. IPMAAC's members include personnel directors and managers, specialists in staffing, recruiting, and organizational performance management, psychologists, attorneys, management consultants, academic faculty and students, and others sharing professional interests and expertise in the development and effective use of personnel assessment methods.

Northern California Human Resources Association

More than 4,500 HR Professionals belong to the NCHRA, which is dedicated to excellence in HR development and management. Aside from local member services, this organization provides information and services to the public at large. In addition to HR news briefs, the "Employment Exchange" lists HR positions available in Northern California, and the "Professional Development" section provides a searchable database of HR training events.

The Society for Human Resource Management

A definitive source for Human Resource news and information. The SHRM site has a reading room, and information center, pointers to goods and services, and links that will help you join and get more information about this organization. You must be a member to access some of these services, but if you're serious about the Human Resource industry, chances are you already are a member.

Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources...and Friends

An informal group sponsoring monthly dinners to network, mentor and be mentored. We occasionally have speakers representing various aspects of Human Resources or other topics of interest to women.

Tools for the Employee Relations Professional

The American Arbitration Association

For almost seventy years the AAA pioneered the alternative dispute resolution movement to its present level of acceptability and application in virtually every area of public and private life. A not-for-profit, public service organization, the Association has maintained its integrity throughout its history by providing a fair and equitable process for all users of its services.

The Human Resource Planning Society

Founded in 1977, the HRPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing current viewpoints on complex and challenging HR and business issues. Its site offers access to a world-class network of HR and business professionals through an Electronic Directory searchable database.

Tools for the Training and Organization Development Professional

American Society for Training and Development

Join up to four of the 45 forums, meet other members, join your local chapter, and learn about networking events, conferences and workshops.

Emotional Intelligence Consortium

One of the hottest buzzwords of 1998 was "EI," or "emotional intelligence." One of the best places to get information about emotional intelligence in the workplace is the EIC site. The Consortium, which is co-chaired by well-known EI author Daniel Goleman, offers general information and downloadable research findings on EI, information about books and articles mentioning EI, and more.

Tools for the Staffing and Recruiting Professional

Employee Relocation Council

A professional membership association of organizations concerned with domestic and international employee transfer.

National Association for Health Care Recruitment

The NAHCR provides leadership and support for the health care recruiting profession through advocacy, education, and professional development. A non-profit, 1400-member national professional association, the NAHCR offers facility-based health care recruiters and human resources professionals information, education, and networking opportunities to help them meet the increasingly challenging needs of modern health care recruitment.

Tools for the Compensation and Benefits Professionals


WorldatWork's (Previously known as the American Compensation Association or "ACA") Web site features the latest news and information about compensation and benefits. Descriptions and schedules are provided for ACA's entire product line, including seminars, events, publications and research. Users can search for information by topic area or by product type. Members can access a searchable membership database.

American Payroll Organization

The APO's mission is to provide public education on the importance of the payroll function, as well as to represent payroll professionals on a federal, state and local level.

Employee Benefit Research Institute

The nonprofit, nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute offers original public policy research and education on economic security and employee benefits.

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

The IFEBP provides information about foundation seminars, conferences, programs, and publications.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

As part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NOISH is responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related illness and injuries.

Salary Survey Websites

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes occupational employment and wage estimates which are calculated with data collected from employers in all industry sectors in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas from throughout the United States. Although this may not provide you with a highly specific level of data, it is useful for trends and aggregate occupations.


Executive compensation continues to be under a great deal of scrutiny and your Board will want to ensure that you are on top of the current trends and regulatory guidelines. Compensia is a highly regarded Executive Compensation consulting firm and their website provides updates and free publications to keep you in the know.

While clearly a for-profit business, delivers a variety of salary products with their software as a service (SAAS) model. You may find employees quoting their data after using their "Salary Wizard" to determine their market pay.

Radford Consulting - an Aon company

One of Silicon Valley's premier authorities on salary data for small, mid and large-sized companies, particularly in high technology. Their domestic database is very robust and their international data has improved greatly in the recent years.


For 30 years, Culpepper has been a leading provider of compensation data and human capital benchmarks, primarily for IT, Software and Life Sciences companies. Over 1,500 organizations use Culpepper survey market data to benchmark their global total rewards programs.

Government Information Sources

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Home Page is the stepping-stone into expansive amounts of statistical employment information. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics is an agency of the United States Department of Labor.) Check out BLS's Surveys and Programs site for links to information on Employment and Unemployment, Prices and Living Conditions, Compensations and Working Conditions, Productivity and Technology, Employment Projections, and International Programs. Look at BLS's Economy at a Glance Site for up-to-date statistical figures on the civilian labor force, unemployment and employment figures, average weekly hours, earnings, and output, and the Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index. And don't miss the COMP2000 page, which has links to extensive amounts of information covered under the following categories:

The Census Bureau

If you have questions about population and housing, the economy, or geographic resources, you should turn to this site. For example, with the County and City Data Book you can find out which cities house the largest population of specific minority groups or which cities have the highest percent of adults with a bachelor's degree. You can then browse Current Industrial Reports for information on specific industries, summarized by year. Or take a look at Statistics of US Businesses for information such as the number of firms by industry division or charts on the average payroll per employee by enterprise industry.

The Department of the Treasury

The DOT/IRS site is the place to get information such as where individuals may file their taxes or where they can to get help with their taxes. You may also wish to visit the tax forms and instructions link to get forms online. You might also be interested in accessing other Department of the Treasury Bureaus, such as the United States Customs Service or the Financial Management Service.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA, the US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, maintains this site with links to OSHA programs, services, and training, OSHA publications and documents, and more.

US Department of Labor

Did you know that 71 percent of illegal drug users are employed? That's only one of the facts you'll find at the new U.S. Department of Labor Web site on workplace substance abuse. You can also access suggestions on how to set up a workplace substance abuse policy, tips on the right way to handle alcohol at office parties, and many more statistics on substance abuse in the workplace.

The DOL's mission is to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights.

Sector Council

The SCSC provides resources and information (in English and French) on a variety of Canadian labor topics, including apprenticeship, skills standards, training, and an explanation of exactly what Sector Councils are and what they do.

Social Security Online

Social Security Online is the Social Security Administration's Home Page. It provides links to employer information and also provides some forms online in a PDF format. Also check out this site for SSA research and statistics, legislation, and other interesting documents.

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

Thomas is a service of the US Congress through its library. Links include The Constitution of the United States, hot bills by topic, and e-mail directories of selected House and Senate members, to name a few.

The US Business Advisor

The USBA is being developed as a one-stop site for all the services and information that government offers businesses. There is a wealth of regulatory information here. You may search the US Business Advisor's database for specific laws and regulations, or explore immigration, tax, labor, or environmental topics.


Advancing Women

Billed as an "International Network for Women in the Workplace," Advancing Women is a great resource for working women everywhere. Highlight is the "Women and Workplace Strategies" section, which provides a large selection of articles on everything from sexual hazing to businesswomen on the Net. The site is still growing, so check back often.

Americans United for Affirmative Action

If you're looking for facts on affirmative action, Americans United for Affirmative Action (AUAA) should be one of your first stops. This well-organized site provides the latest news on affirmative action legislation, including bills awaiting government approval (federal and state) and battles being fought in the judiciary. You'll also find an excellent "Affirmative Action Timeline."

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

A good source for the learning the basics on employment discrimination is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The site provides explanations of what constitutes many different kinds of discrimination (age, race/color, religious, etc.), along with full text of laws that are enforced by the EEOC.

Job Accommodation Network

JAN on the Web provides the full story on the services offered by the Job Accommodation Network. As a service of the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, JAN provides facts about job accommodation techniques to employers, rehab professionals and people with disabilities themselves. The best part: the services are free.

Project HIRED

Founded in 1978, Project HIRED provides job search, training and placement services for adults with disabilities who desire to enter or re-enter the workforce. The organization assists thousands of individuals find and maintain meaningful employment through services designed to promote self-sufficiency and independence, remove barriers, create opportunities, and help build successful careers.

Additional HR Publications & Resources

Benefits Link

BenefitsLink is an online resource for employee benefits professionals. Read articles, browse newsletters, or view links to other sources, plus check out the job board exlusively focused on employee benefits positions. Started and run by a former employee benefits lawyer.

PayScale Cost of Living Calculator

Thinking about making a major move, either to another state or to a different part of your current state? PayScale's calculator figures the salary you'll need to maintain your lifestyle in your new city and state. Your comparison includes graphs showing the differences in several categories from one location to the other.

HR Magazine

HR Magazine is published monthly by the Society for Human Resource Management. According to SHRM, the magazine has a circulation of more than 275,000 and is the most widely read and respected human resources publication in the world. This is a subscription service, either digital or print, but selected articles from current and back issues are available online. HR Magazine articles tend to take a more in-depth look at the subjects than blog posts or most online articles.


Part of the Society for Human Resources' HR Today resource, HR News is a frequently updated page containing articles on just about every aspect of human resources. You can read articles on current topics, and browse their a large archive of previous articles. You can also sign up for SHRM's HR Daily newsletter and receive news and updates delivered to your inbox.

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