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- News Flash! HRSPI Acquired. -

HR Solutions Partners, Inc. (HRSPI) is pleased to announce that HRSPI has recently been acquired by experienced Silicon Valley professionals.

The new owners recognize the value of the business and will maintain the existing HRSPI brand and service offerings. I have committed to serving as a member of the Advisory Board to assist in the transition and provide guidance and advice in 2021.

I am confident the new leadership will be able to bring not only the best and brightest HR talent to their clients but also to support their service offerings with state-of-the-art technology.

You can look forward to more details in the New Year!

Donna DeGrande, CEO
HR Solutions Partners, Inc.

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Holiday Party Memo Sample

(posted: November 26th, 2018)

Sample holiday memo

Below is a sample holiday party memo. Of course the details will differ, for example, you may not have alcohol at your event, or you may have a dress code, or you may be having a costume party. Use this as a starting point, customize as required, but make sure to send it out well in advance of your company party.

Sample courtesy of

To: {Company Name} Employees

From: Human Resources

Date: xx xx xxxx

RE: Company Event Conduct Reminders

As you know, the {impending event} is just around the corner. I know all of you know what is expected of you in terms of conduct at a company event but wanted to provide reminders to everyone about expectations of conduct. It is important to remember that we have new employees who may have not attended a company event before. The first reminder is that we want everyone to be safe, healthy, and have a good time. Adherence to these tips will help ensure that you will do so.

1) Alcohol - Please remember to not over indulge and if you are planning to drive please limit your alcohol consumption and make plans with a pre-designated driver. Alcoholic beverages will cease being served one hour before the planned close of the party; non-alcoholic beverages will continue to be available. Employees who are not of legal age should not request them, nor will they be permitted to consume alcohol. We will have professional bartenders. Employees are not permitted to serve alcohol.

2) Apparel - No one is expected to wear formal attire but at a minimum please adhere to business casual rules for the workplace. We discourage inappropriate attire at company events since you will be among co-workers, clientele, vendors, customers and their families.

3) Comportment – Remember that you are still held to company rules about harassing behavior. Please use only language which would be appropriate for the workplace setting. The company workplace harassment policies are in effect even at the event.

4) Post-Party – Eat, drink, and be merry, but be careful how you leave, who you leave with, and where you go when you leave. You should arrange in advance of the company function for your post-party plans. The company has also made arrangements with a taxi firm to be available to transport employees who do not have a designated ride to get home safely.

5) Gift Giving - The organization may have lottery door prizes available and we do not encourage, but will permit gift giving at the party. Gifts should not be obscene, offensive, or of a sexually explicit nature.

6) Smoking - Smoking is not permitted within the party site. However, the facility may have a designated smoking area for smokers.

Let's all do our part (and our best) to ensure a highly successful and enjoyable event!

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