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California Revises Sexual Harassment Brochure for Distribution to Employees

New Guidance Also Available

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has issued a revised sexual harassment brochure that fulfills an employer's legal responsibility to provide employees information regarding sexual harassment.

All employers - regardless of the number of employees - are covered by the harassment provisions of California law. Each employer must distribute a sexual harassment information sheet (provided by the state) to its employees - unless the employer provides equivalent information to its employees that contains, at a minimum, certain components (Sect. 12950(b)). State law also requires employers to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and promptly correct discriminatory and harassing conduct, and to create a workplace free from harassment.

Revised Sexual Harassment Brochure and Fact Sheet
The DFEH has issued a revised brochure detailing California's legal protections against sexual harassment and the steps all California employers must take to prevent and correct harassment. Among other things, the brochure:

  • Describes the facts about sexual harassment;
  • Discusses the types of harassment prohibited by California law;
  • Provides examples of behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment; and
  • Discusses remedies available in sexual harassment cases, including cases of retaliation for complaining about harassment or rejecting advances.

The DFEH has also provided this information in a printable fact sheet. Either the fact sheet or the brochure fulfills an employer's responsibility under state law to provide employees a sexual harassment information sheet.

Workplace Harassment Guidance
Additionally, the DFEH has released guidance for California employers regarding their obligation to take reasonable steps to prevent and correct workplace harassment.

The guidance is aimed at helping employers develop an effective anti-harassment program; know what to do and how to investigate reports of harassment; and understand what remedial measures they might pursue. The guidance is relevant to addressing all forms of workplace harassment (including harassment based on sex).

A press release regarding these resources is available by clicking here.

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