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Florida: Certain Employers Must Provide Civil Air Patrol Leave

New Law Currently in Effect

A new law in Florida requires certain employers to provide Civil Air Patrol leave.

Employer Responsibilities
An employer that employs 15 or more employees generally must provide up to 15 days of unpaid Civil Air Patrol leave annually to an employee.

Such employers may not:

  • Require a Civil Air Patrol member returning to employment following Civil Air Patrol leave to use vacation, annual, compensatory, or similar leave for the period during which the member was on Civil Air Patrol leave.
  • Discharge, reprimand, or otherwise penalize a Civil Air Patrol member because of his or her absence by reason of taking Civil Air Patrol leave.

Additionally, a Civil Air Patrol member who returns to work following his or her Civil Air Patrol leave may not be discharged from such employment for a period of 1 year after the date the member returns to work (except for cause).

Note: An employer is not required to allow a Civil Air Patrol member to return to work upon the completion of his or her leave if certain circumstances (section: 252.55(8)(b)) exist.

Employee Notice and Additional Details
Upon completion of Civil Air Patrol leave, the Civil Air Patrol member must promptly notify the employer of his or her intent to return to work.

Additional details are contained in the text of the law. The law is currently in effect.

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