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Oregon Amends Law on Social Security Number Privacy

Law Regulates Mailing and Disposal of Materials Containing Social Security Numbers

Oregon has amended its law on Social Security number privacy. Highlights of the amended law are presented below.

Prohibited Actions
Under the amended law, a person (e.g., a business) generally may not print a consumer's Social Security number on mail to the consumer that is:

  • Material the consumer did not request; or
  • Part of any documentation the consumer requested for a transaction or service--unless the Social Security number is redacted.

Additionally, a person (e.g., a business) generally may not dispose of (or transfer to another person for disposal) material or media that display a consumer's Social Security number, unless the person (or business) makes the Social Security number unreadable or unrecoverable (or ensures that any person that ultimately disposes of the material or media makes the Social Security number unreadable or unrecoverable).

Note: The law does not (among other things) apply to records that must be made available to the public under state or federal law or rule adopted by certain courts.

Further details, including additional prohibited actions, are contained in the text of the amended law. The amended law is effective January 1, 2018.

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