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Idaho Releases Updated Guide to State Income Tax Withholding

New Revision Date of Guide is January 20, 2017

The Idaho State Tax Commission has released a new version of its publication, A Guide to Income Tax Withholding. Among other things, the revised guide corrects the placement on the previously published guide of two income tax withholding tables (on pages 22 and 23) that were transposed.

Highlights of the Guide
The updated guide contains topics that may be helpful to employers, such as:

  • Income Subject to Withholding. The guide addresses what income is subject to Idaho income tax withholding, and when wages are subject to Idaho income tax.
  • Form W-2. The guide includes information on completing and correcting form W-2, along with examples.
  • Payment Information. Payment requirements, payment due date tables, and tax period charts are included.
  • Information Returns. The guide includes instructions on how to send information returns (e.g., Form 1099-MISC) to the Tax Commission.

Among other things, the guide also provides general filing information and recordkeeping requirements.

Note: The new version of the guide was prepared by the Idaho State Tax Commission. It does not provide a comprehensive explanation of Idaho tax laws or rules. The law can be found in Title 63, Chapter 30 of the Idaho Code. Rules are located in IDAPA 35, Title 01, Chapter 01 of the Idaho Administrative Code.

The updated guide contains a revision date of January 20, 2017. To read the guide in its entirety, please click here. The Idaho State Tax Commission website can be found by clicking here.

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